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Team QuickStep assured of future
Posted by: DZI (25 November 2010 16:09)

Patrick Lefevere reeled in an important financial deal for the next few years. A Czech businessman and billionaire, Zdenek Bakala, and Dutch businessman Bessel Kok (former CEO Belgacom) have bought a majority share in Lefevere's company and the QuickStep cycling team. QuickStep will however remain as jersey-sponsor during the 2011 season.

It is not a coincidence that crosser Zdenek Stybar's transfer to QuickStep has been on the 'transfer-radio' for days now. It seems that a decision can't be long now. Stybar has uttered the intention to ride the spring classics in 2011, and while QuickStep has just secured their place as a ProTeam for next year, the move to the team would offer Stybar that opportunity.

Links: Stybar Zdenek, Quickstep - 2010

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