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Peter Sagan postpones season start - or not?
Posted by: DZI (29 November 2010 02:01)

2010's biggest cycling revelation Peter Sagan is forced to abandon his planned season start in the Tour Down Under. The French website Vélochrono.fr recently proclaimed Sagan as the most impressive Neo-Pro of 2010, even when his second season-half was severely disrupted by stomach problems causing him to abandon the Tour of Poland, amongst others.

The Tour Down Under was the race in which Sagan debuted for Liquigas and gained two top-5 spots straight away. It didn't take long before Sagan really displayed his potential. In Paris-Nice he rode to the top spot twice and the Tour of California saw him doing the same thing all over again, while picking up the odd stage win in Romandy in between.

Then the problems start, although he still managed two second places. The Liquigas doctors want Sagan to change his eating habits, which regrettably led to stomach problems for the 20-year-old Slovakian. He then gets prescribed antibiotics to counter those problems, but this process isn't to Sagan's liking at all. "They [the doctors, ed] think they have all the wisdom of the world. They try to change my eating habits by prescribing food my body doesn't respond well to." Sagan is still on antibiotics to recover from his stomach problems. His race-schedule will now commence in February.

However, in an official statement made on the Liquigas website Sagan denies having anything to do with the twitter account and the remarks made. Sagan has "massive confidence" in the way the team doctors Roberto Corsetti, Emilio Magni and Antonio Angelucci conduct their business and assist Sagan to tackle the problem. Peter Sagan is currently trying to find out who stole his identity on twitter. "I feel good and recovered after a busy season. I'm ready to get going again" Sagan further unnerves the statements on the Twitter account.
So we might see Peter Sagan Down Under after all...
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