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This Race Special and our other cycling competitions and websites are entirely made possible through the help of volunteers. These volunteers spend many hours for the benefit of our community; They provide for the race and/or stage descriptions, the previews and all in two languages. Keeping close tabs on startlist prognosis, making sure that all results are updated and processed swiftly. This is the only reason that this still free site exists without 'intrusive' banners.

Not charging anyone to participate or having revenue from adds does however mean that we encounter extra costs like maintaining our servers, hosting and the cost of the large amount of data-traffic every month.

Fortunately we have a few members that support us financially by means of a voluntary donation which helps us to cover these costs a bit. So are you enjoying the use of this website and you'd like to support our work? You can help by sending a donation through PayPal.

Thank you in advance for supporting us!

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Do you enjoy using our websites and would you like to support this initiative? You can help by making a donation! Try to imagine how much this Race Special is worth to YOU, then donate that amount.

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