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Riders Profile: Austin Caroll

2 Interviews

Six Day Up And Comers East And Carroll

pezcyclingnews.com, Edmond Hood, 11 November 2009
Posted by: lucybears

They may sound like a lounge singing duet, but there's no schmaltz to these guy's mission; they're trying to build a career playing to that most demanding of houses - a six day crowd. We caught up with the two 22 year olds a few days into the six days of Grenoble.

"I am still waiting for the BIG one!!!!"

fixedgearfever.com, Scott Patton, 13 November 2007
Posted by: lucybears

In the men's points race at the U.S. National Track Championships, hosted by the ADT Event Center near Los Angeles, Rock Racing's 1st year pro Austin Carroll earned himself the U23 title to go along with his silver medal.

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