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Riders Profile: Daniel Holloway

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11 Interviews

Going back to his roots

Veloveritas, Edmond Hood, 17 February 2018
Posted by: Bitossi

"I want to go to the Tokyo Olympics and continuing winning in the meantime. I think that after Tokyo will be a good time to take stock and appraise where I go from there."

PEZ Talk: Daniel Holloway

Pez Cyclingnews, Edmond Hood, 9 February 2016
Posted by: Bitossi

Daniel Holloway is hard at it on the boards of Copenhagen at the moment, but our man at the velodromes of Europe, Ed Hood, caught up with ‘Hollywood’ in Berlin during the German ‘6 Day’ last week. Life isn’t all track though as Ed gets the lowdown on Daniel’s road season for 2016.

PEZ Talk: ‘Crit King’ Daniel Holloway

Pez Cyclingnews, Edmond Hood, 4 November 2015
Posted by: Bitossi

Daniel Holloway might be the ‘Crit King’, but he’s also pretty handy on the wooden boards of the ‘6 Days’. Ed Hood managed to hold Holloway down long enough to hear his story at the London ‘6 Days’ recently.

PEZ Talk: Daniel Holloway

Pez Cyclingnews, Edmond Hood, 28 October 2014
Posted by: Bitossi

Track trail-blazer, US Criterium Champion and style guru; what more could you want from an interview subject. Ed Hood caught up with US Six Day star Daniel ‘Hollywood’ Holloway at the first event of the winter season in Amsterdam to find out what makes this flamboyant character tick.

Setting Fire to Speed Week

VeloVeritas, Ed Hood, 13 August 2014
Posted by: Bitossi

The 2014 Giro d'Italia was a brilliant race, so good in fact that a lot of good racing came to be ignored. Take ex-Raleigh man, and Six Day rider Daniel Holloway’s (Athlete Octane & USA) setting fire to the Speed Week criteriums series in the USA.

Pez Talk: Daniel Holloway.

Pez Cyclingnews, Edmond Hood, 9 February 2014
Posted by: Bitossi

One of PEZ’s charges at the Berlin and Copenhagen Six Days is a man having his second bite at the six day circus cherry, America’s Daniel Holloway. Daniel paired with countryman Colby Pearce a few seasons back to ride the Euro Six circuit. Whilst Colby now sticks with the US domestic scene, Daniel has packed his bike box and headed East across the Atlantic, again. This time partnering with Guy East to form a US six day team – Euro promoters all like something glamorous and ‘different’ for their audiences.

Broken Ribs But Spirit Whole For Holloway

podiuminsight.com, Lyne Lamoreux, 26 March 2011
Posted by: lucybears

Less than three weeks ago Daniel Holloway of Kelly Benefit Stategies-OptumHealth, crashed hard on stage 1 of the 6-stage Jelajah Malaysia. Broken ribs and a lung contusion forced him to stay in Malaysia for two weeks before it was safe for him to fly home.

Cycling Is Serious Business

podiuminsight.com, Lyne Lamoreux, 6 October 2010
Posted by: lucybears

If you’ve seen Daniel Holloway hamming it up at a 6-days, playing air guitar at the front of the rider parade, or playing to the crowd at Philly, some might think that he didn’t cycling that seriously.

"They want me to win races!"

pezcyclingnews.com, Edmond Hood, 14 February 2010
Posted by: lucybears

He's the man with the shades and the comic routines; with the Euro-pop blasting and the soigneur trying to work around us, young American track standout and sprinter, Daniel Holloway, took time out from the Copenhagen Six day race to talk about his plans for the year ahead.

I just love to race

podiuminsight.com, Lyne Lamoureux, 22 May 2009
Posted by: lucybears

While only 21 years of age, Daniel Holloway is working towards a very clear goal, the track events - namely the Madison and Scratch races - at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Podiums, flowers and wins

pezcyclingnews.com, Edmond Hood, 4 March 2009
Posted by: lucybears

Six Day racing isn't just about podiums, flowers and wins. It's really about entertainment and getting folks to part with their hard earned euros and kroner to come and see the show. One of the hits at Copenhagen was the USA and Garmin pairing of young Daniel Holloway and experienced Colby Pearce.

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