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Riders Profile: Keegan Swirbul

4 Interviews

Riders to watch in 2021 – Keegan Swirbul

CiclismoInternational.com, David Hunter, 10 December 2020
Posted by: DZI

Without doubt, Keegan Swirbul is one of the most interesting characters I’ve come across. His story is unique, almost unbelievable at times, and one that has many chapters still to write. A cyclist who has mainly ridden in America, he might need a little introducing to some. He hails from Colorado and started out in cross-country skiing. At the age of 17 he won a junior national title in the sport, but weeks later he simply walked away from the sport. “My claim to fame, haha. A few reasons behind me walking away. First, I’m ...

The kid who beat Armstrong

CyclingTips, Evan Hartig, 11 August 2017
Posted by: Bitossi

Professional cycling is full of unknowns. Oftentimes, the hardest aspect of the sport doesn’t come during the race, no matter the duration, the weather, or the difficulty. Instead, the hardest aspect can be the struggle back to normalcy, confidence, and fitness after a setback. It’s something every racer will experience.

Winning the Nationals was the best moment of my life

Cafe Roubaix, Cafe Roubaix, 30 July 2015
Posted by: Bitossi

Three years ago, a lanky teenager defeated Lance Armstrong at the Power of Four 36-mile long mountain bike race that took place in Aspen, Colorado. Surprised, but also impressed by what he’s seen and the potential of that kid, the 1993 world champion gave Axel Merckx – Bontrager-Livestrong’s sports director – a call and told him to keep an eye on the 16-year-old. Just one and a half year later, Merckx offered the young rider a place in his team and so Keegan Swirbul embarked in a new adventure, with one of the best development teams in the world.

Interview Keegan Swirbul.

Cycling Updates, Ruud Arts & Wesley Verheijen, 8 March 2014
Posted by: Bitossi

Keegan Swirbul is an amazing athlete he already became American national champion in two disciplines (XC skiing + Mountain biking), but he is now aiming for a career in road cycling. Keegan goes very well uphill and he is already (one of) the best in the world in going downhill on a bike. We will surely be hearing a lot about Keegan Swirbul in the next few years!

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