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Riders Profile: Josiah Ng On Lam

4 Interviews

From sterling Track Cyclist to budding Entrepreneur

Baik Bike, Jyn Yeow, 7 March 2016
Posted by: Bitossi

After his retirement from professional cycling, Josiah Ng has forayed into the business world. Most recently, he was in Kuala Lumpur for the launch of a new fitness app called Fitness in My Pocket. We caught up with Josiah Ng for an exclusive interview on his life away from the handlebars.

Exclusive Interview with Josiah Ng – Cyclist. Entrepreneur. Olympian.

Baik, Baik, 3 July 2013
Posted by: Bitossi

We presume Josiah Ng wakes up fresh everyday, just like that morning as we watch him go round the track. He may be cycling for 20 years and has been labelled “veteran”, but he is still going strong. Just days ago, he won the 1km time trial in the National Track Cycling Championships despite being the oldest in the race, and a race not quite his favorite. - See more at: http://www.baikbike.com/exclusive-interview-with-josiah-ng-cyclist-entrepreneur-olympian/#sthash.rWcCBJgb.dpuf

"I was reduced to being a couch potato"

fixedgearfever.com, J. Scott Patton, 3 May 2007
Posted by: lucybears

In the first round of the keirin at the UCI World Track Championships, Josiah Ng fell hard on his right shoulder, breaking his clavicle. Two surgeries later, he is back on his bike and gearing up for his run to Beijing.

Against All Odds

velodrome.org.uk, 22 January 2007
Posted by: lucybears

In comparison to the cycling systems in countries such as Great Britain and Australia, the Malaysian system is rlatively poor. Consequently, when Malaysia's Josiah Ng finished 5th in the 2004 Olympic Kierin Final, it gave a huge boost to the Malaysian cycling system, and demonstrated Ng's fantastic potential.

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